10.9 Waifu Wednesday

Urabe, MakotoHello folks and welcome to another installment of Bakatachi Waifu Wednesady!

This weeks winner is Makoto Urabe from Mysterious Girlfriend X!

Our resident B-Boy Bobby best J-dancer Outsanity had this to say:

“Urabe Mikoto from Mysterious Girlfriend X (Nazo no Kanojo X) should win because… Well, how can you not vote for a girl who will cut your ass up? Kappa
Dat face.
Dat hair.
Dem legs.

I’d have her in nothing but an apron 24/7.”



I couldn’t have said it better myself!

And there you have it folks, Makoto Urabe!

Thanks for reading and tune in next time!

About lacendeus
I watch anime and play games. I am just looking for something interesting to do in life.

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