Coppelion Episode 2

Welcome back to my episodic review of Fallout:New Tokyo. In this week’s episode we are introduced to short-lived side characters, runaway criminal parents and their daughter, that help us understand the origin of the Coppelion team. In short, Coppelion is based on a ballet titled: Coppelia where a puppet maker builds a beautiful puppet that is mistakened as a real girl. This is the basis of the Coppelion team, the girls are test tube babies genetically engineered to explore and help people stuck in irradiated Tokyo.


While enlightening the viewers over the morality of the Coppelion girls, we find our little injured wolf friend that Taeko found in the premier accompanying and assisting the team. I’m not quite sure how I feel about this development but I’m sure it’ll add some new dimension to the story later on. The wolf seems to be unaffected by the radiation but will not cross into other more heavily irradiated areas of the city.

The girls seem to be quite fragile on the topic of parents and guardian figures as we witness a scene where Ibara breaks down crying. From the premier and the new OP that is revealed in this episode, I have been expecting drawn out fighting scenes and rivalries but this episode conveyed a more subtle and emotional approach on the themes of family and relationships also morality towards the Coppelion girls who are referred to as ‘puppets.’

That color overlay is back and more distracting than ever. I hate it. It is definitely there to set the mood but the huge contrast between warm and cold colors really kills the scene. The scenery would look so much better without it and besides the strong overlay, everything else just feels bland. Not a huge fan of it.

I guess they have feelings

I guess they have feelings

I’m not sure about my feelings on this show so far. It definitely challenges the way we interpret the scenarios, like for example, Aoi gets incredibly sad when she hears the mother tell her about how much she wanted to protect her daughter immediately before she breaks it to us that she was born artificially. We are forced to compare the girls who are engineered with the criminals, which does tugs at your heart, but for a second episode it falls a bit flat in introducing our main protagonists. I’ll just have to wait until next week.

Dat Luger

Predictions for next week:

I’m hoping for more main characters to be shown. I’m also hoping to learn more about the girls but I’m guessing the girls’ view on life is very bleak due to their reluctance to accept how they were born. Yep, something big will happen, probably not this week, but in later episodes that could possibly cause one or more of the girls to fall into despair. Please don’t fall into predictability Coppelion! I’M COUNTING ON YOU!

See yall next week for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Tokyo. (gay.)

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