Coppelion Episode 1 Review and Initial Reaction

Short Initial Review:suicide

Within the first few minutes I was full of questions wanting to be answered..

Coppelion (コッペリオン) takes place in a post apocalyptic Tokyo, Japan in 2036, similar to that of Chernobyl’s radioactive fallout. We are introduced to three main protagonists dressed in typical school girl uniforms. Ibara Naruse (long straight hair), leader of the three and seemingly braver, Aoi Fukusaku (short nappy hair), eccentric and anxious, and Taeko Nomura (shorter hair tied in the back), heightened senses and collected. Why are these girls left alone in an isolated city with nothing but a few bags and radios? I have no clue, but it is explained in this episode that they are genetically engineered to be resistant against some sort of, “contamination.” Since this is the aftermath of a nuclear meltdown 20 years prior it is assumed to be a radioactive wasteland but it’s starting to look like it isn’t your usual radioactive meltdown.

what is that

Radioactive Tokyo

I had to ask a buddy to find out that this is an anime adaptation of a manga. The art style definitely fits a manga drawing style and the scenery is like that from surreal paintings. Another aspect about the style that stood out is the obvious color tint. Every scene has this blue or yellow tint, setting a sort of dream-like mood. It’s a good step in the direction of a post apocalyptic setting despite being quite distracting at times.The scenery is beautiful, however, and really helps the viewer get into perspective of the situation.

Ibara Naruse, the leader of the pack carries around an all-purpose Luger (german pistol) that seems to administer first aid and a tranquilizer that packs a punch. Why a Luger? Shit.. I’d like to know myself. She even threatens her Vice Principal by pointing it at his head, but after seeing what it could do to a wolf with just a tranq dart, I’d be afraid to see how a point blank shot to the face would do. Ibara Naruse, the cuter wilder girl seems to bring up a possibly huge theme to the story, are they human? She voices her concern on the fact that she doesn’t want to be a puppet and thanks god that she was born human. Probably an underlying theme but we shall find out more later.

Our girls of Coppelion

Our girls of Coppelion

Initial reactions:

I wasn’t too hooked with this opening. It introduced the characters and setting pretty well. Each character has their own unique characteristics that clearly set them apart from each other which leaves me feeling that they might become their own worst enemies. I’m okay with finding out that the girls are genetically engineered but there are so many questions; why them and what the hell are they doing in that Chernobyl-esque city anyway? In Chernobyl, even vegetation was wiped out, but in this city, there is lush vegetation and animal life so I can’t compare these cities together.

The mystery Luger in action


The color tint was annoying. It isn’t a subtle color change to add a mood, it was an obvious color overlay and left a lot of the scenes bland, and lacking color.

Also, this is just a personal gripe but the generic anime/manga plots where the protagonist(s) is a student is becoming ever more so prevalent. Sending children into a scenario where they can possibly die armed with nothing but a schoolgirl uniform? Totally legitimate logic.

Predictions for next episode:

I’m hoping for more details on what is going on. Sadly I can’t expect any hot yuri action but hey, its refreshing to see an anime not based on fan service! Anyway, I’m hoping that the mystery behind the “catastrophe” that wiped out 90% of the city will be revealed. I’m expecting good things, just… this episode might not have brought it enough glory. Also, I’m keeping my eye on that luger.

See you next week on Fallout: New Tokyo.

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