Diabolik Lovers Episode 3

Diabolik Lovers the show about yandere guys and the girl that ties them together.

So this episode Shu gets a taste of Yui this episode prompting Ayato’s challenging Shu for possession of her. This episode was interesting still, apart from the pillow talk. We get a glimpse into Shu’s childhood which, I hope will change the way he interacts with Yui.

I can understand the 15 minute time frame or 10-12 minutes considering the OP and ED, but I don’t know how much more “びっちーちゃん,” I can take. I would like to think things are going somewhere, but everytime it seems like we are pulled away.

Predictions for the next episode:

More びっちーちゃん and ちちなし, accompanied by more sucking of blood and another obscure memory from another character. I would hope to learn of her father’s fate. If he was killed, promoted for offering his daughter. Does it mean that the Lord of the Sakamaki Family is an important figure in the clergy? Will that guy ever show up? Tune in next time on….

DL ep3 SC

Kanato Pls

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