Railgun S Summer 2013 Series Review

Touma x Mikasa

Touma x Mikasa

It’s all about that Mikoto waifu! The relationship between the characters, more notably Misaka and Touma’s little love quarrel is what mostly caught my attention (Kuroko pls). In fact, I primarily enjoyed the Index series and universe how Touma hits the trope on the head going from (level) zero to hero. Misaka, the railgun, being one of the all powerful level 5s in Academy City ends up falling for Touma for his manliness. Not really. But he still comes out being pretty awesome.

Anyway, this is about A Certain Scientific Railgun S (とある科学の超電磁砲S). Misaka Mikoto deals with all the crime fighting in the backgrounds of Academy City. There are events in Railgun that directly ties Misaka’s actions into the Index story like her involvement with the clones and the Accelerator arc. Railgun S takes place after the events of the first Railgun series and during the events of Index season 1 with a few continuity differences based on the manga and light novel variations of the series. I can’t go into too much details on these changes and differences since I am only familiar with the anime.

The events in Railgun S show how Misaka and Judgment become involved with the Sisters Project, Accelerator arcs, and her direct influence on the scientific branches of Academy City. One of the major outlying themes is friendship and camaraderie and keeping your friends close. Shirai Kuroko, a member of Judgment and Misaka’s roommate, adds the ever necessary loli yuri that makes every series just that much better. There are many other side characters that are necessary to the story which I should name, but Misaka tends to be a lone wolf and takes actions on her own. After the introduction of the cute little “homunculus” Febri, everyone decides to work together but ends up with much less of an impact on the appeal of the story.

I love you.

I love you.

Story: 6

As far as the Raildex universe is concerned, I really enjoy it. Though.. it starts to bug me how Misaka takes so many matters into her own hands, as badass as she is already.. But what continually begins to bug me is that the entire Academy City ends up being protected by children. There are so many moments where Misaka has these emotional and motivational monologues that feel unfitting for a 14 year old girl. In a city of espers where there are countless variations of abilities, the only characters that stand out are the Railgun, Kuroko’s teleport, a few other skills, and a huge assortment of level 0’s. Understand that these are personal gripes on the story, which hardly affect the overall appeal of the story. There is an interesting balance between the happy themes of everyday student life and dark themes that conflict with Misaka in this story that make things interesting but can also get too extreme.

Characters: 8

Misaka Mikoto being my number 2 waifu of all anime series doesn’t really have a big influence on this score. Each main side character in the Railgun series has their own strengths and weaknesses which makes each character unique. Saten stands out for me because of her unusual obsession for Uiharu’s panties but only serves as comic relief.

Sound/Music: 7

I’m sorry to say that by this point I am tired of fripside. Anyway, sounds are pretty generic. Lots of explosions and electricity and stuff. I don’t think any of the OST has really wowed me except for the ED which I enjoyed this season. Meh, average.

Voice Acting: 9

I didn’t realize that Uihara’s VA was the same as Ai Astin from Sunday Without God until the last few minutes of S2. Kuroko’s voice still bugs me but overall everything was great. Even the long drawn out monologues and speeches sounded amazing besides making me facepalm at how unusual it would sound coming from middle school girls.

Art Style: 7

All the girls have the same eyes. Hair style, colors, and other deviations make the character art different but I keep focusing on how similar their eyes are. It’s pretty generic in this regard but I can only feel a bit worn out since the Raildex series have been going on for so long. Febri still so cute.

Animations/Effects: 8

The animations aren’t as impressive as the first few seasons in the Raildex series but still. Meltdowner’s beams blowing everything up is always awesome. Lots and lots of explosions. Lots and lots of use of CG. Not surprising considering it’s a city full of espers and psychotic scientists.

Originality: 9

I’ll keep this score based on the universe in general. It’s unique. Taking place in Academy City for special education system for espers and geniuses. But you’d think in a city with so much money, there would be much less crime and an actual police force instead of the children in Judgment. Still very original. It takes some factors that make slice-of-life anime so great and mixes it with so much sci-fi and Misaka that you can’t keep your pants on.

Overall Enjoyability (and last episode reaction): 8

I liked it. Though.. the final episode in this season really killed it for me. SATEN, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING TAKING A BASEBALL BAT TO A ROBOT BATTLEGROUND?! The music and hearing Misaka’s “epic” monologue didn’t help either. I cringed when all the Judgment kids posed. I cried when I saw the only person on Judgment with any powers being our lovable Kuroko. Yeah, the last episode really killed it for me. Misaki scolding that guy after he tried to shoot himself was also a cringe moment. The best moments in this series has to do with Misaka and Touma’s interaction and Accelerator’s arc but besides that it was pretty bland.



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