Diabolik Lovers Episode 2

I’ve scaled back my episode reviews, so that its not so bookish.


So this episode was filled with so much cheese I had to take a dump cuz I’m lactose intolerant. I understand the general consensus on Yui being more or less manhandled by these guys, I mean she wakes up, after the previous events, and they are like “Yo bitch gimme some o’ dat Red!” WTF. The nicknames for Yui are getting a little annoying already, so I try to tune them out. ビッチ-ちゃん and ちちなち(not sure if I got that right) are just annoying to see, and I expect them to be my good friends as I trek down the winding road.

But on a serious note, they did a little to kind of give us information on Ayato, I guess this was logical since he has been calling dibs on Yui since Ep1. So there is a something somewhat good in this episode, a little mystery to keep the watcher intrigued amidst the hard to watch domination of Yui.

Seeing Ayato kinda just drink Yui so easily like that this ep was not satisfying in the least. I take back my comment on a throwback to Dracula and the macabre vampire lore. This just felt meh.

For the next episode it seems she will be interacting with Shuu, or Kanato I suppose. But we’ll have to wait and see.

See everyone next week



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