Diabolik Lovers Episode 1 Review

Firstly I haven’t played the otome game, so I’m coming into Diabolik Lovers blind. But I will try to consider the origins and how this can translate into the anime.

Diabolik Lovers Game Cover

The episode opens with the typical, main character arrives at new home in a car with luggage in hand, but something is off as her new home seems rather dreary. Yui Komori our protagonist seems like the run of the mill shoujo heroine.Blonde shoulder length hair with a flowery hair clip on the left side of her head, large pink eyes with a lot of shapes, slender delicate figure, but not much else is revealed about her. But she seems unfazed by the large house in front of her with ornate fountains and many rich features, so this may possibly play into her backstory. As soon as she enters the gates to the house it begins to pour outside and she runs to the house to seek shelter. She is puzzled that no one was aware of her arrival, she soon sees someone laying on a couch in the foyer.

At this point it is unannounced to her that she is moving in with 6 brothers, and upon meeting one of them, Ayato Sakamaki, she notices that there is something off. He has no pulse! As you may have already guessed he is a vampire along with the other brothers. She meets them all in the parlour after encountering Reiji, second eldest brother after she had met Ayato. There it is explained that she is to be the bride of one of the brothers and they are not allowed to kill her. This only serves to confuse Yui as she attempts to run, she slips and falls scraping her knee and making the brothers hunger more. She runs to try and escape but to no avail. She eventually finds her way to a room where she is startled by a figure on the balcony and she bumps into a bookshelf knocking some of the items off. One such item was a diary belonging to her father with a picture of her as a baby. This only served to confuse her more, but she is not given time to digest this new information as the brothers come in to begin their conquest of the girl. The episode ends with Ayato, moving to bite into Yui’s neck.

The show feels pretty silly to be honest, but a little refreshing considering more cliche elements of vampire stories out there today. Thanks to Twilight, the effeminate vampire is what is socially accepted, so this seems to be a fresh take on the vampire genre although the high school setting is a little hackneyed with Vampire Knight doing something similar. I am hoping this will get interesting, and not turn into a sappy love story, but it is shoujo so what can I expect. As for the next episode I expect a little depth into the characters and some explanation into Yui’s past, especially her father. Since this is an adaptation of a dating sim, I expect certain brothers to be more fleshed out than others given the 12 episode run.

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